E-Vision enables the Student to create their own C.V.


Upon entering the screen, the Student is presented with their Name, Address, and other key details. These are non-editable fields. If the information displayed here is incorrect, the Student must amend these details using the “Personal Details” option.




The C.V facility enables the student to enter any Work Experience undertook, detailing the dates it was performed and a description of the duties undertaken.


Further free format text boxes are available for the Student to complete other key details to include on their C.V. These include :-


            Other Skills                              Other Achievements

            Other Experience                      Interests and Hobbies

            Career Preferences                   Final Year Project

            Additional Information 


There is no limit to the quantity of information which can be inputted into these fields.


Once details have been completed, the Student must click on the “Save CV” button, otherwise all information will be lost.


The Student is able to enter further information relating to their CV, including Skills, Preferences and Education. These are described below :-



(i)                  Skills




The Student is able to attribute placement skills to their C.V. The skill and level of competence is selected from corresponding drop-down lists. Notes relating to the skill can also be specified. The Student must click on the “Save” button before exiting this screen.



(ii)                Preferences




The Student is able to specify placement preferences by Placement type and location. These are selected through the respective drop-down lists. If more than one preference is selected, it is possible to rank each one (1 being the most desired Placement type/ location). The student must click on the “Save” button in order to store any amendments/ additions made.



(iii)               Education





This screen enables the Student to view their educational record. The first part of the screen displays details of the modules undertaken by the Student at the institution, including the year undertaken and the grade achieved.


The second part of the screen lists qualifications achieved, the level, grade, and result associated with it.



(iv)              Print Preview facility


Print preview allows the Student to view the layout of their C.V before they print it. The C.V displays all the information that has been entered together with other information such as name and address that is drawn from the “Personal Details” of the Student.