The module database gives the user access to information about all of the modules that are taught at the institution.  The database can be used by students who are allowed to decide for themselves which modules they are going to study, to gain information about the module’s content and assessment method.

The first screen allows the user to enter selection criteria to narrow the amount of modules the system has to display on the screen.  Modules can be selected according to Domain, Level, Module Code or Keyword, or by a combination of them all.  In the example shown the user has opted to view all modules that belong to the Social Sciences domain, regardless of their level.

The system will display all of the modules that match the criteria entered once the Search button has been pressed.  If many modules have been retrieved they may not all fit on the screen at once.  In those circumstances the user can use the Next Screen and Prev(ious) Screen buttons to move up and down the list.

The Code field displays the modules unique module code.  By clicking on one of the codes the details for that module will be displayed.

The information includes basic details about the module, how the module is to be assessed, which pathways the module is suitable for and which years and periods the module is available for study in.