During each period of the academic year students will be required to study a number of modules.  Some of these modules will be designated as compulsory by the institution and student will have no choice but to study them.  Students may well be able to exercise some level of choice over which modules they take in addition to those that are compulsory.  The optional modules will take the form of either Module Selections or Module Electives.

Module Selection records are those modules that are chosen by the student when they are given free choice of any module running at an institution.  This may be narrowed down so that a student is not allowed to take ANY module, but they are given the choice of most modules.  These selections can be entered in the Module Selection Screen in e:Vision.

Module Electives are those that are chosen from a specified list.  For example, the student may be given a list of five modules from a specific subject area and be asked to select two or three modules from the list that they would like to study.  This process of electing to study certain modules in carried out in the Module Registration Screen within e:Vision.

The Module Registration Screen

If it is necessary for students to choose module electives from a list they will do this in the Module Registration screen.  This can be accessed by clicking on the Module Registration option on the navigation bar in e:Vision.  Shown below is an example of the screen.

On screen will be listed the modules from which the student can make their selection, along with information about either how many modules the student can choose, or how many credits worth of modules the student can select.

To select a module the user must click on the box alongside the module (this should tick the box), and then click on the Submit Selection button.  If the user wishes to choose their modules later they must click on the Submit Later button.  If a student has more than one set of module electives to chose they must use the Next and Previous Selection buttons to move between the two lists of options.

NB.  If the institution you are attending allows you to change route you will be prompted at this stage to select which route you would like to study on.  Please refer to the section at the end of this document on the Route Switching Process.

After a student has made their full compliment of choices a screen such as that shown below will be displayed.  It shows all electives, compulsory modules and any other optional module selections that the student has made.

If a student changes their mind about the modules they have selected and wishes to re-submit their electives, they can do this by clicking on the Undo Last Change button.  If the Enter Modules button is pressed the student is given one last chance to change their mind.  The screen shown below appears which gives the students the chance to change their selections or to Confirm the Diet.

Once the diet is confirmed there are no further changes that can be made by the student.

Route Switching

Route switching allows the students to alter the subject areas in which they gain credit towards their qualification.  If route switching is allowed at the institution the user will be presented with a screen as shown below during the module registration process.

To select which route the user would like to study on the must simply click the relevant SELECT button alongside the route of their choice.

Following this the user will be asked to Enter Modules and Confirm their diet as detailed above.